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Forum of the Excellences 2015

The Forum of the Excellences 2015 – Business R-evolution Edition – will take place in Milan on the 21st -22nd of November 2015 and in that event seven experts of international level will intervene to illustrate the best strategies to be implemented for corporate management to innovate your way of doing business in today’s world.

Only four of the seven speakers of the event to be held on 21-22 November 2015 have been announced so far;

Jeffrey Zeig leading expert of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, president and founder of Milton Erickson Foundation and leading expert of Milton Erickson’s practices.

Tony Buzan is leading expert learning and inventor of the method of Mental Maps. He wrote more than hundred of best-seller and he was named one of the top 5 best speaker by Forbes magazine.

Renée Mauborgne is the most influential woman in the world of business, and the best global expert of business strategy: the famous book Blue Ocean Strategy, best-seller in five continents, inspired and revolutionized the way of doing business of many companies.

Jeffrey Liker is the highest authority of Lean Thinking, the philosophy of lean management for industrial production and author of the famous book best-selling Toyota Way.

What you will learn attending the event

  • How to use the Emotional Impact in your business strategy to increase efficiency and bring innovation;
  • The best strategies to innovate your business and find the Blue Ocean that your niche market is looking for;
  • How to implement in your company new learning techniques and how to use the method of mental maps;
  • How to increase the efficiency business through the principles of the philosophy of Lean Thinking.

The remaining three speaker will be announced by the end of April 2015, so please remain connected tho the website to know the latest information on the event. In the meanwhile it is possible to already book the ticket to participate calling the number
+39 0733 579205 or writing at

We wil be happy to answer all of your questions on the event!
Thank you for your kind attention.