Welcome to my website, which is targeted especially for organizers of my workshops and speeches. I conduct workshops on hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for professionals. I offer some programs for coaches and non−professionals.

For hypnosis I present a series of three workshops – fundamental, intermediate and advanced. Each of these programs can be up to five days long and as short as three days. I also offer additional advanced specialty workshops on aspects of hypnotherapy. My psychotherapy workshops center on essentials of brief therapy, and I also offer advanced specialty workshops on psychotherapy topics. Information on these programs and programs for non−professionals and coaches can be found in the Workshop and Brochure sections of this site.

Of special interest are my workshop on clinician development and my master classes. The workshop on clinician development is entirely experiential – helping clinicians evolve from the “inside−out.” I use a model derived from training actors in improvisation, consisting of systematic exercises to develop empathy, intuition, systemic thinking and confidence.

My master class is my favorite workshop. It is limited to twelve participants and during the workshop each therapist has four roles: each will be my “patient,” and under my supervision a “patient” for a peer; a therapist for a peer; and a supervisor for a peer. Learning as an apprentice is the best way to improve one’s practice regardless of theoretical orientation or level of experience. I have conducted master classes in many countries and offer them three times a year in New York City. See the Brochure section for more information. Please note my workshop on “What clinicians can learn from filmmakers and social psychologists.” An area of special investigation is the structure of interpersonal influence using Art as a model for affecting mood and perspective.

Thanks for coming to this site. You can contact me directly here.