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The Induction of Hypnosis
An Ericksonian Elicitation Approach

Offering an entirely new fundamental model of hypnosis from an Ericksonian perspective, this book is valuable to the beginning and intermediate practitioner who wants to add hypnotherapy into clinical practice. It provides a comprehensive genealogy (an Ericksonian family tree), testimony to Dr. Erickson’s significant influence; deconstructs the key concepts of hypnosis; presents real-life cases, dispels myths; and demystifies the process of eliciting trance. It also compares and contrasts the traditional model of hypnosis with the Ericksonian model; delves into hypnotic evocative communication, “the language of hypnosis,” and the ARE model of hypnotic induction; and distinguishes between the three aspects of human experience: emotion, moods, and “states,” with “states” being the most operative in the elicitation of hypnosis, and effecting generative change.

The Anatomy of Experiential Impact through Ericksonian Psychotherapy

The Anatomy of Experiential Impact is the second volume of a trilogy, and can be read independently of the other books in the series. The first volume, The Induction of Hypnosis (2014), presented Dr. Zeig’s model of hypnosis. The third, Psychoaerobics (2015), presented an experiential method of therapist development. In this book, you will encounter a model of brief therapy that can be applied independent of your preferred model of therapy. Change in therapy is best elicited by the experiences people live, not the information they receive. Hypnosis is fundamentally an experiential method, the imperative of which is, “By living this experience, you can reclaim your ability to change or cope adequately.” The Anatomy of Experiential Impact Through Ericksonian Psychotherapy promotes experiential methods that are derived from a hypnotic orientation, offering a stepwise plan for creating an experientially based brief therapy.

An Experiential Method of Empower Therapist Excellence

Welcome to the worlds of conceptual communication and experiential learning, the last line in the Preface of this book, prepares readers for the Psychoaerobics Exercises. The exercises are designed to elicit in therapists generative states, from which both therapist and client can benefit. Composed of four sections — Fundamental Perspectives, Warm-up Exercises, Psychoaerobic Exercises, and Concluding Remarks — this book begins with a discussion on conceptual realization; Zeig proposes that therapists should approach therapy as artists, not as scientists. Facts inform; art impacts, he writes, explaining that the situation of therapy is one of uncertainty and ambiguity, both of which elicit emotion. Zeig credits his mentor, Milton H. Erickson, MD, who communicated concepts experientially and minimized facts, thereby becoming one of the world’s greatest communicators.


Want to be a more effective clinician? Want to avoid burnout? Want to better cultivate your unique brilliance? Jeff Zeig wants that too. It is good for the field, for clients, for those working on the front lines of mental health. With Evocation: Enhancing the Psychotherapeutic Encounter, Jeff invites therapists of all stripes and at every professional level to unshackle their creativity! He demonstrates the benefits, delineates the concepts, and shows readers how to put them into action.

Changing Directives
The Strategic Therapy of Jay Haley

For anyone who is a fan of the late Jay Haley—or who wants to understand why he had so many fans—this team of contributors clarifies and celebrates the significance of his work: past, present and future. The book is a kind of journey, meandering through the lively perspectives of those who have known him as a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. The many voices represented here pause to reflect on how much Haley has given to them and to the field.

  • ISBN 978-0-971619-00-5
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The Evolution of Psychotherapy
A Meeting of the Minds

At the turn of the last century, the pioneers and new radicals of psychotherapy gathered for a meeting that has become legendary for its size and scope: The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference 2000. Twenty-four extensive and illuminating articles capture the contributions of Beck, Bugenthal, Glasser, Goulding, Haley, Hillman, Huxley, Kernberg, Lazarus, Madanes, Marmor, Masterson, Meichenbaum, Polster, Szasz, Watzlawick, White, and more. The articles are grouped into five general sections covering analytic, cognitive, systemic, experiential, and ethical/social concerns.

  • ISBN 978-0-971619-05-0
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Zeig, Tucker and Theisen

The Habit of a Happy Life
30 Days to a Positive Addiction

Drs Zeig and Neehall are renowned psychologists and prolific authors. Sharing a passion for helping people to initiate real change in their lives in order to forge more joyful, healthy lifestyles, these truly unique voices come together to create an essential roadmap.

Ten Commandments for Couples for Every Aspect of Your Relationship Journey

Each set of “commandments” deals with something essential, from general areas such as making your relationship last or maintaining connection to more specific challenges like rekindling passion, dealing with infertility, or financial issues. The “commandments” have been collected from a remarkable panel of exemplary experts who work extensively in relationship counseling and relationship improvement. In addition, each contributor had no knowledge of what the others had written. What distinguishes this book from others is that the inspirations are presented as easy to reflect upon “sound bites.” Once digested, they can be internalized as “commandments,” commandments that will enrich your primary relationships.

Letters of Milton H. Erickson

In these letters there are aspects of Erickson’s life that have never before been revealed publicly. Herein, we are privy to Erickson, the man, in a way that provides new insights into his awesome power as a clinician, a researcher, a theorist, and an individual. As a reader, you will meet the luminaries with whom Erickson interacted, both in the field of psychiatry and in related disciplines. Sit in on Erickson as he consults on cases with renowned psychoanalysts, exchanges views with Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead, and discusses research issues with Stanley Milgram. Read firsthand Erickson’s advice to patients, colleagues, and students.

  • ISBN 978-1-932462-91-3
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More Common Therapy
The Experiential Psychotherapy of Jeffrey K. Zeig

Writing a book is a daunting task. One has to be really motivated. Dr Staffin’s debut is the result of being highly motivated to further disseminate the work of Jeffrey Zeig, to celebrate what he learned in his 17 years of study with Dr Zeig, and to make accessible what is too often chalked up to the charisma or particularity of the teacher. Culling from the live encounters that took place in the NYC Masterclass, Dr Staffin is meticulous in his investigation of Zeig s artistry as it comes through the actual sessions. The hope is that readers will walk away with fresh insight into this experiential way of working and inspiration for expanding their own ways.

  • ISBN 978-1-934442-69-2
  • $27.95 (print) / $9.99 (eBook)

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The Selected Papers of Jeffrey K. Zeig – Volume I

At long last, Jeffrey Zeig has gathered up some of his most pivotal contributions to psychotherapy and put them together in a new volume that will be of interest to students and colleagues alike. And as the title implies, this book represents a convergence of ideas and writings over time, reflecting Zeig’s professional and personal journey. Divided into four major sections, the 15 titles encompass both the overarching themes of contemporary clinical endeavor: how to BE a therapist and how to DO therapy.

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Ericksonian Therapy Now
The Master Class with Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD

Milton Erickson was my mentor intermittently for more than six years; he was also an inspiration in creating the Master Class. At his essence, Erickson was experiential. He was the most radically experiential therapist to ever practice. Creating transformative experiences is a component in many schools of therapy, including rational emotive behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy, but for Erickson being experiential was not merely a component; it was most of his therapeutic work. Hypnosis is essentially an experiential technique. The subtext of hypnosis is this: “By living this experience, you can be different.” Hypnosis is not a means of providing information.

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